Embracing the joy of a good-enough Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, every year I feel like I’m chasing perfection – and losing at it.

I want to have the perfect gifts for everyone on my Christmas cheerlist.

I want the decorations to be impeccable and the house to be immaculate.

I want the ideal picture of the kids for the Christmas cards.

I want to overcome the limitations of my current cooking and baking abilities and whip up amazing meals and desserts.

Each year I find that I can’t live up to the expectations I set for myself.  Then I think, “This year is good enough, and I’ll get an earlier start to make things perfect next year.”  It’s a silly cycle I’ve created.

It’s time for me to stop the madness!  This year is not perfect, and next year won’t be either.  And that’s OK.  I don’t want to spend the Christmas season feeling stressed and worn out because my goals are unrealistic.  I want to enjoy this special time of year, so today I’m taking a moment to reset my expectations and refocus on what’s important.

A “good enough” Christmas is good enough!  In fact, it’s probably better than perfect since it comes with less pressure and more time for family fun.  Time to appreciate the joy in everyday moments this Christmas season – not look for ways to improve them!

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2 thoughts on “Embracing the joy of a good-enough Christmas

  1. Renita

    I had to laugh because I wrote a similar blog post on my site two xmas’s ago when I first started blogging. It’s been such a vicious cylce for me that my husband once said , “I used to love Christmas, and now I hate it.” That hurt because I was trying to make it the perfect xmas and instead I was ruining it for everyone. This was the first year I didn’t have at least on nervous break down and it should have been my most stressful Christmas ever. My mom had been in the hospital since November 11 and had nearly died and was facing an amputation due to diabetes. Instead of being totally stressed out over Christmas it made me pull back and realize the world wasn’t going to stop turning if I didn’t make all the cookies on my list or have the tree perfectly decorated. It was truly a lesson in what is and what isn’t important. I needed that! I hope you can find the right balance too. Let’s just hope I remember this next year! :)


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