Craft a simple Valentine’s Day wreath

How much do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Normally I don’t do much more than put out a heart-shaped candy bowl and stuff it full of chocolate.  But as my kids get older, I find myself always aware that we have a limited number of each occasion to celebrate with them before they’re grown.

With that in mind, this year I’m making it a point to celebrate each holiday with gusto.  That means it’s time to get crafty with the decorations.DIY yarn Valentine's Day wreath

My simple Valentine’s Day wreath was a snap to make – and it cost just $13.50 for the materials.  I spent $5 on a 16″ foam wreath form, $3 on the red yarn, $3 for the package of three rattan hearts, and $2.50 on the monogram letter.  The white yarn and ribbon for the bow were leftovers from another project.

I wrapped the yarn around the wreath form one evening while watching TV.  It took about half an hour to wrap it.  The next day I decided to use some leftover white yarn from another project to add a little more color.

The white stripes gave me a spot to attach the monogram letter and add the heart banner.  I had another white stripe at the top, but then decided to cover it with the ribbon to hang the wreath.

This wreath was so simple to make!  It adds a cheery seasonal welcome to the front door.  After Valentine’s Day, I think I’ll remove the hearts, add some felt flowers, and keep it up until spring.

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