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Delightful daisy-shaped cake for spring

While we were visiting Chicago recently, we did a lot of window shopping as we walked along Michigan Avenue.  My hubby was hoping I would pass everything by without a second glance.  But of course I had to buy something, right!?

As we passed the Crate and Barrel store, I knew the thing that I had to have was this daisy cake pan.  Isn’t it cute?  Daisy flower cake pan from Crate and Barrel - AMerryMom.com

I love flowers, I love cakes, and I loved the price.  Just $12.95!

I had planned to bake and decorate a test cake using my new pan early the week before Easter – so that I could create a beautiful flower cake for Easter.  Only I ran out of time for my test cake.  And I ran out of time for the Easter cake.

Oops!  Another lesson that no, I am not as talented as Martha Stewart.

I finally got it decorated so we could enjoy a day-after-Easter daisy cake.  Because we needed a sweet dessert to go along with all that Easter candy!  (Just kidding.  I actually went light on the Easter basket goodies this year, lest you think I’m plying my kids with unhealthy food.)

This cake pan is a lot like a bundt pan except it is solid in the center, so I had to bake the cake a little longer to get it done all the way through.  I made a sour cream yellow cake recipe from Food.com that I had pinned to my desserts board on Pinterest.  The extra baking time made the cake a bit dark on the outside when I turned it out of the pan – my son actually thought it was a chocolate cake.Daisy cake before frosting - AMerryMom.comIt tasted great, though!  I whipped up a double batch of buttercream frosting and used some cookie cream crunch sprinkles for the center.  Delicious!Daisy cake - AMerryMom.comI couldn’t get the buttercream frosting to show the flower petal design very well, so I may try using fondant next time.  I’m sure I’ll get lots of practice decorating since this pan makes such a cute cake!  My daughter has decided she wants a pink flower cake for her birthday.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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