A fun twist on marble cake: make zebra stripe cake

Don’t you love little touches that add extra charm to special occasions?

That’s why I was so excited to try this zebra stripe cake technique.  It’s so cute and whimsical!  It makes a simple cake extra fun.  Plus, it solves the dilemma of chocolate or vanilla – why not both?!

Easy zebra stripe cake - AMerryMom.com

Best of all, a zebra stripe cake is really easy to make!

I’m always happy to keep baking as simple as possible – especially when I’m planning for guests and have a lot to do.  So I use boxed cake mixes to make my zebra stripe cake.  I picked Betty Crocker super moist cake mixes in chocolate fudge and vanilla flavors.  The chocolate fudge has a nice, dark color – not quite black but close enough.

How to make a layered zebra stripe cake

  1. Prepare your 8- or 9-inch circle cake pans and both the chocolate and vanilla cake mixes separately as directed on the box.
  2. Use a measuring cup (1/4 cup or 1/3 cup size) to scoop vanilla batter and pour it in a small circle in the middle of each pan.
  3. Use a separate measuring cup to scoop chocolate batter.  Slowly pour it directly in the center of the vanilla batter in each pan.  As you add the chocolate batter, both the vanilla and chocolate layers will spread in the pan.
  4. Continue adding alternate vanilla and chocolate layers to your cake pans in the target pattern.  Your layers will continue to spread on their own to cover the whole pan.Zebra stripe cake batter - AMerryMom.com
  5. Stop adding batter when your pans are about two-thirds full.  (Because you’re using two cake mixes, you will have batter left over.  I use the extra batter for cupcakes, but you could also make another cake.)
  6. Bake the cake as directed on the box.
  7. When the pans come out of the oven, the top will still have the bulls-eye pattern.  When you remove it from the pan, the bottom will look like a regular cake.
  8. Frost the cake however you want.  I use my favorite buttercream frosting recipe (doubled since I used two cake mixes).

It’s so fun to slice into the cake to serve the first piece and find the lovely zebra stripes inside!

I wanted to surprise my kids with this cake, but I had to make it while they were home.  They each wandered into the kitchen while I was adding the batter to the pans, and they thought it looked cool with the bulls-eye pattern.  Little did they know that it would turn into a zebra stripe cake when we cut into it!  They were wowed by it!

The zebra stripe cake is a huge hit with kids and adults alike.  Hope you enjoy it too!

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4 thoughts on “A fun twist on marble cake: make zebra stripe cake

  1. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    What a wonderful looking cake. I love the look of it in the cake pan too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Amanda @ The Kolb Corner

    How creative! And it makes such a pretty cake. By the way, I’m loving the pink frosting with it 😉 Thank you for sharing at the Merry Monday Link Party. Hope to see you again next week!


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