Enjoying the beauty products in my Frosty VoxBox from Influenster

It has been a while since I received my Frosty VoxBox from Influenster.  Over the last few weeks I have been enjoying the lovely products that were included for me to test for free.  Today I’m happy to share my reviews of those products here!

Influenster Frosty VoxBox

My fun #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster! I loved trying out these great products.

The products I received in the Frosty Vox Box fell into two categories:  food products and beauty products.  This post is part one – the beauty products.

The Frosty VoxBox Beauty Products

EcoTools Hair BrushEcoTools brush

Before I even tried using the EcoTools Hair Brush, I loved the story behind it:  it has an environmentally friendly bamboo handle, repurposed aluminum, and recycled paper packaging.  It’s also designed to dry hair faster with the blow dryer for less electricity use.  I’m all for environmentally friendly products, so I was happy to try this one.

I happened to get my hair cut right before trying this brush, so I can’t actually vouch for whether it helps my hair dry faster when I blow-dry it.  When you cut off about 5 inches of hair, it’s always going to dry faster!

The brush has worked well for my new, shorter hair style.  The package also mentioned an anti-tangle design that I like.  I’ve had some trouble with this type of curved brush in the past because my hair has tended to tangle in it.  The length of my hair may have been part of the problem before, but I can definitely say I have not had any problems with tangling using this brush on my shorter hair.  It has been excellent for blow-drying my hair!


NYC Expert Last LipstickNYC Expert Last Lip Color

The NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum is a great lipstick!  It has a moisturizing formula that goes on well and really does last well, like the name implies.  Some lipsticks seem to dry out my lips after wearing them for a few hours, but this one has a great, smooth finish that doesn’t dry out.

I love the Sugar Plum color.  It’s on the darker end of neutral, but I’ve found that this color seems to go with anything.  It has become my new everyday lipstick.  Although I received mine free for testing purposes, I love that the cost is only about $2 at the store so I can stock up again when this tube of lipstick is gone.


Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal EyelinerRimmel ScandalEyes



This Rimmel eyeliner pencil is well named.  It definitely produced a dramatic look for my eyes!  It went on smoothly and produced a nice, sharp line.  For me, that made it a bit tricky to apply because I don’t have the steadiest hand and usually have to smudge my eyeliner since my lines are never perfect.  I have to be super careful with this eyeliner pencil since there’s no smudging it after I put it on!  It did smudge a bit under my eyes by the end of the day, though.

The issue I foresee with this eyeliner is that it doesn’t look like it will be easy to sharpen.  I went to the Rimmel website to find out how to do it, and reviewers were commenting on the same thing.  I didn’t find any official instructions on how to properly sharpen this eyeliner, but other users offered sharpening tips on the website.


Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup RemoverRimmel eye makeup remover

This eye makeup remover is kinda fun, with the “Just Let it Go…” line that (of course) made me think of Frozen!  It’s an oil-free makeup remover, so it left my eyes feeling fresh and clean.

Since this is billed as a gentle eye makeup remover that removes waterproof mascara, I was really hoping it would require a little less rubbing to remove my waterproof mascara (the CoverGirl mascara from my previous VoxBox) and the waterproof Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner that came in this Frosty VoxBox.  The waterproof products take a bit of work to clean off with this eye makeup remover.  Everything else comes off more easily.  Overall, I have liked this product.


 I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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