Vitamin C serum for rosacea

As I deal with rosacea, I regularly find myself in a dilemma about trying new products.  I always hold out hope that I’ll find something that will work to help eliminate my rosacea symptoms.  At the same time, I’m always afraid that a new product will make my skin worse.

When I had the opportunity recently to try a free sample of vitamin C serum from OZ Naturals, I realized that I’d never researched vitamin C serum for rosacea.  It looks like I’ve been missing out because Vitamin C serum has been recommended for rosacea.

I was happy to try the vitamin C serum from OZ Naturals because the company offers natural skincare, with products that are cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, lanolin free and gluten free.

The OZ Naturals Organic Vitamin C + Amino + Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the #1 best seller in Facial Oils & Serums on Amazon, and it has been recognized as Allure Magazine’s Best In Beauty Vitamin C Serum.  It’s made in the USA in an FDA registered facility.  I also like that it’s 92% natural and 72% organic.

This vitamin C serum promises to brighten skin, fade dark spots, and even out skin tone and texture.  With all those potential benefits, I was looking forward to trying the OZ Naturals vitamin C serum!

I have been very happy with the results I’ve seen while using the vitamin C serum.  It passed my new product test – I used it sparingly on my forehead at first and then progressed to applying it to my whole face when it did not cause any adverse reactions.

After a few uses I noticed that it has calmed some of the redness on my face from the rosacea.  It also has improved the texture of my skin, making it feel less dry.

I use the serum at night, following the instructions to cleanse my skin, then apply a small amount of the serum to my skin and finish with a moisturizer.  I have continued to use my sea salt soap cleansing routine before applying the vitamin C serum.  Only a few drops of the vitamin c serum are needed – it smooths on easily and absorbs well into my skin – so the 1-ounce bottle will last for a while.  I wake up with skin that feels better than it did before I started using the vitamin C serum.

The small changes to my skin after just two weeks of use have given me hope that this serum will continue to improve my skin.  I understand from other testimonials of vitamin c serum users that it takes continued use over time to realize the full impact of the skin benefits.

I look forward to continuing to use the OZ Naturals Organic Vitamin C + Amino + Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Amazon affiliate link).

UPDATE August 1, 2015:

After using the vitamin C serum for rosacea for three months now, I am thrilled with the results.  I continue to use my sea salt soap cleansing routine and apply the vitamin C serum once a day.

My skin feels SO MUCH BETTER!  It doesn’t burn and sting nearly as much as it did before I started applying the vitamin C serum.  I get fewer breakouts, and the vitamin C serum really helps control the redness along my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.  There are actually days that I feel like I could get by without makeup – something that seemed impossible just a few months ago.

During the past three months, I have used just over half of my bottle of vitamin C serum.  That 1-ounce bottle goes a long way!  It’s currently $22.49 on Amazon (affiliate link), which makes it a very reasonably priced skin treatment.

Obviously everyone’s skin is different and there’s no guarantee that vitamin C serum will work for others who suffer from rosacea, but I am so happy to have this product to help my skin feel better.  I hope this post will benefit others who may want to try vitamin C serum for their own rosacea relief.

I received a free sample of this vitamin C serum from OZ Naturals
via BrandBacker in exchange for my unbiased review.

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