Pamper your skin with Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Since the Dead Sea is famous for its health and beauty benefits, I’ve been wishing I could go and experience it for myself.  Since that vacation is nowhere on the horizon for me, I’m doing the next best thing and using products with ingredients from the Dead Sea.

I absolutely love my Dead Sea salt soap and my Adovia Dead Sea mud mask.  They do wonders for my face by helping to keep my rosacea in check.

I was excited to try another product from Adovia – the Dead Sea Salt Scrub.  I recently had the opportunity to receive a complimentary sample via BrandBacker.  I really like the Adovia brand since it uses natural and organic ingredients to make pure, effective products.

The Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub is an exfoliating body scrub with Dead Sea salt and natural oils. The company uses an infusion of 21 minerals to benefit skin.

When I received this scrub, the oils had separated to the top of the jar.  I carefully removed the seal to avoid spilling the oil, then realized I should have shaken it to remix the contents before opening it.  Whoops!  Luckily the lid closes tightly so I could shake it up and recombine the scrub.

The grainy Dead Sea salt acts as the exfoliant in the scrub, and the oils are an excellent moisturizer.  The first time I tried the scrub, I was afraid it would make my skin too oily since there is a high proportion of the moisturizing oils in the jar.  I found that the oil absorbs quickly, though, and leaves my skin feeling great.

I initially used this product on my feet, and they felt a bit slick at first.  After the oil quickly absorbed, my feet felt so soft and pampered!  This scrub is great for an at-home pedicure.

Then I tried the scrub on my hands, arms, and legs as well.  It has a pleasant Ocean Breeze scent and does a great job making my skin feel refreshed.

It feels good to exfoliate and moisturize with this scrub after spending time out in the sun during the summer.  I’m especially looking forward to using this product during the winter months when my skin needs some extra TLC.

Bottom line:  This Dead Sea body scrub is a great way to refresh and pamper skin!  I love using it.

The Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub is available on and

I received a free sample of this product via BrandBacker to facilitate my honest review.

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