Use sisal rope for an easy DIY flower pot update

Don’t you love fixing things up to make them look better?  I always enjoy decorating with flowers because they make everyday life more beautiful.  With this easy DIY project I got to make the flower pot prettier, too!Easy DIY flower pot update - AMerryMom.comEvery spring I’m super excited to pull out my flower pots and decorate my front and back porches with flowers!  This year I found that one of my older Styrofoam pots had developed a huge crack over the winter.  Instead of throwing it away immediately, I set it aside, thinking I may be able to find a way to use it later.

Well I finally got around to rescuing my sad, cracked pot.  I decided it just needed to be sealed with some hot glue and then wrapped with inexpensive sisal rope for a fresh new look.  I’ve used this technique in the past to upcycle empty glass bottles into vases, so I decided to give it a try to fix my old flowerpot.

flower pot update -

Cracked flower pot – before.

This quick and easy flower pot update required only a couple of supplies:  Hot glue and sisal rope.  I used Blue Hawk brand sisal rope in a package of 100 feet by 1/4 inch.  It covered my 12-inch-wide pot with about 18 to 20 feet of rope left over.  This rope is labeled for landscaping, so it’s suitable for outdoor use.

First I hot glued along the crack in the flower pot to put it back together.  The glue held it together, but it didn’t look pretty!

Then I applied some hot glue at the bottom of the pot and started looping the rope around the flower pot, wrapping it in one long piece all the way from the bottom to the top.  I added hot glue at various intervals to keep the rope in place as I wrapped it.  At the top I cut the rope to size and hot glued the end down under the rim.  It only took about 15 minutes to wrap the rope around the sides of the pot.

Flower pot update in progress -

Flower pot update – in progress.

Since I could tuck in the rope right under the top rim of the flower pot, I didn’t cover the rim with the rope.  You can still see where the pot split, but I don’t even notice the crack when the pot is filled with lovely flowers!

flower pot update complete

Flower pot update – complete.

I found some purple calibrachoa and petunias on the clearance rack at Lowes.  They were marked down because they were a little wilted, but they’ve perked back up since I planted them in some good Miracle Grow potting soil.

flower pot update completed -

The flowers and the updated flower pot look great on the porch.  I’m so glad I could save my cracked pot and make it useful again for some beautiful flowers!

This is a super easy DIY project.  So don’t throw away all your cracked pots – just use sisal rope and hot glue for a simple flower pot update!

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  1. AvatarJamie Satterwaite

    I love this idea! I have a ton of old planting pots that could use a makeover! Thank you for linking up this weeks Merry Monday Link Party!


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