Finding the right omega-3 supplement + product review

After finding sweet relief from headaches by taking a magnesium citrate supplement, I have become a firm believer in the benefits of dietary supplements.  So when my doctor recommended adding an omega-3 supplement I was happy to comply.

In my case, my doctor recommended the omega-3 supplement since my triglyceride levels were a bit high, which I guess I can blame on my love of sweets.  To help lower those triglyceride levels and reduce my risk for heart disease, she wanted me to take a daily omega-3 supplement.  She said I could take fish oil or flaxseed oil, whichever I preferred.

I was most familiar with fish oil and knew that it has a lot of potential health benefits, so I tried that first.  I just bought the first bottle I found on the shelf at the store.  I think I got through two days of fish oil supplements.  It was not pleasant.  I could not get rid of the fishy aftertaste.  Yuck!

I quickly switched to a flaxseed oil supplement, which I found much more palatable.  I also decided to reduce my consumption of sweets and ramp up my exercise level a bit higher.  After six months, I had follow-up lab work, and my triglycerides were back in the normal range.  Yay!  I was happy with the results and called this supplement another success, like my magnesium supplement.

Later I finally decided to do some research about the type of supplement I was taking.  Turns out, my flaxseed oil supplement does not provide the full range of benefits from omega-3.

According to WebMD, there are three types of omega-3 fatty acids:  EPA and DHA (which are primarily found in certain fish) and ALA (from plant sources like nuts and seeds).

My flaxseed oil supplement was giving me omega-3 fatty acids in the form of ALA only.  My old fish oil supplement was providing me only EPA and DHA fatty acids.

Then I had an opportunity to try a complementary sample of Nature’s Science VEGAN OMEGA-3™ supplement via BrandBacker.  This supplement contains all three types of omega-3 fatty acids:  DHA, EPA, and AHA.  Putting them all together in one supplement sounds brilliant to me!

I like the idea of getting the full benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from my supplement.  But I knew I couldn’t deal with the same type of fish oil supplement as I had tried before.  I decided to try this supplement because Nature’s Science promised no fishy aftertaste.

Thankfully, the Nature’s Science Vegan Omega-3 supplement lives up to its description.  I haven’t experienced any bad aftertaste with this supplement.  I guess that’s because it’s actually fish-free.  The DHA and EPA are derived from marine algae rather than fish, making it a vegan-friendly, plant-based omega-3 supplement.

It also contains ALA omega-3 as well as omega-6 and omega-9 from flaxseed oil.

The Vegan Omega-3 supplement has been easy to work into my morning supplement routine.  The softgels are not too large, making them easy to swallow.  The serving size is two softgels.

The only thing I don’t like about this supplement is that you’re supposed to take two servings per day with a meal or snack.  I don’t remember to take the second serving, since I’m in the habit of taking all of my supplements in the morning.  However, I’m getting 565 mg of omega-3 daily with just the one serving that I remember.  That’s actually more than the 540 mg daily of omega-3 from my previous fish oil supplement, so I’m OK with it.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Vegan Omega-3 supplement since I get the benefits of all three types of omega-3 fatty acids in one convenient supplement!

Learn more about Nature’s Science VEGAN OMEGA-3™ on the company’s website at

I received a free sample of Nature’s Science VEGAN OMEGA-3 via BrandBacker
to facilitate my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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