A trifecta of beauty products – Body Merry product review

Body Merry product review: day-to-night eye gel, cellulite defense gel-cream, and stretch marks & scars defense cream

Motherhood is a great joy, but I have often wished for a solution to one lingering side effect of birthing three babies.  Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded stretch marks.

I used lotions on my belly during my first pregnancy, but I got stretch marks anyway.  Maybe that just comes with the territory when you have a big baby (over 8 pounds)!  Over the years, I’ve wished I could get rid of the stretch marks, but I haven’t really taken action about it.

Recently I’ve been given a stretch mark cream a try.  It’s part of a three-pack of Body Merry product samples I received via BrandBacker to test for free.  I was happy to have the chance to try these three Body Merry products:

  • Day-to-Night Eye Gel
  • Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream
  • Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream

Body Merry Eye Gel, Stretch Marks & Scars body butter, and Cellulite Defense cream

When I looked at the reviews for these Body Merry products on Amazon, I found that they get high praise.  I also love the Body Merry philosophy:

At Body Merry, we believe that a great skincare routine doesn’t have to break the bank. As budgets vary, so do skin types and we enjoy working directly with our customers to find the best products that suit their unique needs.  We offer boutique skincare products that are natural and organic and affordable for any budget.

Body Merry products are cruelty free and made in the USA in an FDA-registered and GMP-compliant facility.  To learn more about the company, check out their website at http://www.bodymerry.com/.

I have enjoyed trying each of these products.  I’ll start with the eye gel, which has been my favorite of the three products so far.

Body Merry day-to-night eye gel review

The Body Merry day-to-night eye gel comes in a handy pump dispenser.  You only need a small pump of the eye gel since it applies very easily and absorbs well.  Immediately after applying the eye gel, I can feel it at work with a cooling sensation around my eyes.

This eye gel feels very moisturizing.  It contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which I have tried in other serums, and I love the results I have with them.  The product contains a variety of other ingredients, including silk proteins and vitamin E, to reduce inflammation and irritation, address sun damage and diminish signs of aging. 

I’ve used this product a short time, so I can’t speak to long-term effects of the eye gel, but I have found this to be a pleasant addition to my skin-care routine.  It produces a wonderful, moisturized feeling around my eyes. I have sensitive skin and rosacea, and I have had no irritation from using this product around my eyes.

Body Merry stretch marks & scars defense cream review

The Body Merry stretch marks & scars defense cream uses organic cocoa butter and shea butter, along with pure plant oils and vitamins.  The formula is designed to prevent and visibly reduce the appearance of marks and scars.

This cream has the typical scent of a cocoa butter product.  It’s not my favorite scent, but it doesn’t bother me too much. 

It’s a thick, moisturizing cream that smooths on well and absorbs quickly. You don’t have to use much of the cream for each application because it smooths on so well. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized for a long time after application.

At this point, I’ve only used this cream for a short time.  In my short testing period so far, I have not seen any significant results in fading my stretch marks.  However, I hold out hope that this product will help them fade over time.  I have read reviews on Amazon saying that others have been pleased with the results using this product for varying time frames.

The product description specifies that this cream is designed to work on both new and old marks and scars.  Given that my stretch marks originated with my first pregnancy over 15 years ago, I expect that it will take some time for any product to help them fade.  Plus, I just realized while writing this review that this product says to use twice daily (morning and night), and I have been applying it only once per day.  I will plan to update this review with my results after using this product for a longer time.

The good news is that Body Merry offers a 90-day manufacturer guarantee on all its products, so you have that option if you try it and don’t like the results.

Body Merry cellulite defense gel-cream review

I’ve been keeping up my workout regimen but still have some pesky, undesirable cellulite on my backside, and I would love to make it go away!  I love having the opportunity to try the Body Merry cellulite defense gel-cream.

This product looks like a thick cream in the container, but it glides on lightly and easily like a gel.  I’ve found that a little goes a long way!  It goes on with a cool, tingly sensation that lasts for a while, matched with a slightly citrusy, menthol scent.  Due to the scent, I like using this product at night.

This product uses caffeine, retinol, and seaweed in a formula designed to smooth the lumpy appearance of skin.  In my short trial period, I haven’t really noticed a change in the appearance of my skin, but I’m hoping for more results with continued use.

In the FAQs on Body Merry’s website, the company says that customers generally see improvement after 6-12 weeks of regular use.

Thank you to Body Merry and BrandBacker for providing these products
to me for free to facilitate my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “A trifecta of beauty products – Body Merry product review

  1. AvatarMadena

    What was the point of this review?
    If you have not used the product for a long enough time and not applied as directed, what are you reviewing?

    1. LisaLisa Post author

      I’m sorry to read that you did not find anything helpful to you in this review. The point of the review was to provide my experience using these products – specifically with regard to application, texture, scent, and initial results.

      I was not able to provide long-term results because I had agreed to a shorter timeframe for publication of this post when I accepted the products for review. Since these are products that often take a while to show results, I made sure to point out the short time period of my review. The product website says results are seen in 6-12 weeks, on average, so timing of results obviously varies quite a bit from person to person. I would not want anyone to discount the potential long-term benefits based on my lack of results in a short-term trial period. As I referenced in the review, many people state in Amazon reviews that they have results in just a few days. I did not have that experience, and this review reflected my lack of immediate results, along with my impressions of the scent, application, and formula.


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