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Children today have so many options for entertainment.  As a parent, it can be hard to evaluate all of the choices available and find wholesome entertainment for kids.

I’m always happy to have family friendly entertainment resources that make it easy to find selections that are appropriate for kids.

I recently learned about FishFlix.com, an online retailer for Christian and family friendly entertainment.  This site has a huge selection of films, TV series, documentaries, and educational DVDs.  You can find a wide range of options for the whole family.

FishFlix has theatrical releases like “War Room” and popular series like Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart.”  It also has many great options that aren’t as widely known, but are fun to explore for wholesome entertainment.

My kids and I were introduced to a new series when we received a free sample DVD from FishFlix’s children’s collection for our honest review.  We received Owlegories Volume 2 – The Ant, The Fruit, The Butterfly.  It’s the most recent release in the “Owlegories” series, and we were glad to have the opportunity to watch it together.

Buy Christian Movies on FishFlix.com | Owlegories Vol 2 DVD

“Owlegories” is an animated children’s series that teaches Bible concepts in short episodes featuring a wise owl teacher and his five owl students.  The student owls embark on adventures that teach them more about their faith.

In the Volume 2 DVD that we received, the three episodes were entertaining stories that taught about Bible principles in ways that children can easily understand.

The series is even educational in the name “Owlegories.”  I had to explain that it was a take on “allegory” – a story that uses people, animals, or things with hidden meanings to explain or teach some truth.

We enjoyed watching the three episodes on this DVD.  This series is a great way to teach kids.  My daughter especially liked the theme song, and she thought the little owls were entertaining characters to follow on their adventures.

I liked learning that the series was a family endeavor.  It was created by parents who wanted a fun way to teach their children.  It began as an app that was developed into an educational series.

We thought the animation was good, and we learned that the “Owlegories” team includes people with a lot of experience in film production and animation.  The quality was evident in the production.

If you’re looking for wholesome entertainment for your family, FishFlix is a good resource with a lot of choices.  The prices are reasonable, and they have a large selection of $5 DVDs.  Shipping is free for orders of $40 or more.

Thank you to FishFlix for providing a free DVD
to facilitate my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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