Charity begins with homes: The New Story Charity story

I like to do what I can for a good cause.

When New Story Charity reached out to me recently, I had not heard of the organization.  It’s still pretty new after launching in November 2014.  It’s not listed yet in the charity rating guides that I check, like Charity Navigator,, or Charity Watch.  But I like the story and the cause, so I’m highlighting their work here today.

In the short time since New Story Charity was founded, it has been successful in its mission to transform slums into sustainable communities.  In 2015, New Story’s summer goal was to crowdsource funds for 100 homes in Haiti 100 days.

The first tent slum they targeted in Leveque, Haiti, has been fully funded to transform the community with 151 homes.  On the New Story Charity website, you can see the homes and learn about the families that live there.

New Story Charity picked up backing from Y Combinator in 2015.  Of 104 startups featured on Y Combinator’s summer 2015 demo day, VentureBeat called New Story one of the 11 you should know.

Now they’re targeting a new slum village in Nuevo Cuscátlan, El Salvador, for transformation with permanent, safe homes for the 90 families living there.  The New Story website has pictures and stories about the Nuevo Cuscátlan village and the families who will be helped through crowdfunding to provide the money for the new homes – around $6,000 per home.

The New Story website says 100% of the crowdfunded donations directly fund home construction.

Kiss Campaign

In June 2016, New Story Charity is starting a campaign to target another issue: a health crisis in Mizque, Bolivia.

People living in this remote village are at risk of serious health problems caused by a parasitic disease, Chagas.  It’s transmitted by the “kissing bug,” which spreads congenital heart disease.  The disease carried by a bug that lives and thrives in the cracks of their mud shacks.

New Story Charity is launching its Kiss Campaign to say #AdiosChagas!  It’s designed to fight Chagas disease by crowdfunding to provide safe homes that help reduce parasitic infestations.

Get involved

Want to get involved?  Check out the New Story Charity website to see all the crowdfunding projects you can support.

For parents, the stories on the website allow you to feel a personal connection with the families you help.  It’s a great way to help kids see the need in the world and small ways they can help.  Even if it’s just donating $5 to this or another charity, kids will feel good about helping kids like themselves have a better life!

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