A lightweight timepiece: fYt Watch review

Teenage boys can be hard on stuff!  So I’m happy to have found a watch that can survive a teen’s wear and tear.

My oldest son likes to wear a wristwatch to school because he’s not allowed to have a cell phone out at any time during the school day.  Not even to check the time.  He also can’t see the clock during all of his classes.  And he likes to always know the time.  (Especially for certain subjects when he looks forward to the end of class.)

The problem?  He keeps breaking wristwatches.  I got him a wristwatch for Christmas recently, and it lasted only a few months until he broke off the piece that holds the band.  So I got him another watch for his birthday.  Guess what happened?  Yep, he broke that one, too.   {Sigh}

When I saw the fYt Watch LED wrist watch (available at Amazon), it looked like the perfect timepiece for him.  It’s a single piece of silicone, which I immediately recognized as a great solution for my son.  I quickly signed up to get the watch at a discount for the opportunity to provide an honest review.

The watch looks like one of the popular activity trackers, but it does not actually include activity tracking.  It’s simply a watch with a time and date function.  But the modern, sporty style appealed to my teen, so he was happy to wear it, even without getting any special features.


The fYt Watch in white silicone

When you order this watch, you get both a black and a white version.  I liked getting two watches in neutral colors for one low price.  I tested one, and I gave the other one to my son to get his thoughts on it.

We both found that the watch is light and sleek.  It’s very comfortable to wear.  My son and I agree that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it because it’s not clunky or heavy on your wrist.

fYT watch display black

The fYt Watch LED display

The LED light gives you the time and date when you press the tiny button on the watch.  Then it goes off for automatic power saving.  In artificial light, the LED is bright and very easy to read.  It looks a bit dimmer outside in daylight, but it was still bright enough to see the time clearly on the display.

The fYt Watch is not perfect.  We both found it a bit difficult to set initially.  Although it’s like setting most digital watches by scrolling through the numbers, the button was a little jumpy when I was trying to set it.  The watch arrived without any instructions for setting it, so you have to just go with your instinct on how to set the time.  That wasn’t ideal, but not a big issue since you just have to set it at first, and then it’s done.

My son and I both had to experiment a bit with the adjustable notches to get the clasp set correctly to the right length on our wrists.  Once we got the silicone popped out of the small notches in the band and figured out how to secure the clasp into the notches, we were all set.

fYt Watch adjustable clasp

The fYt Watch adjustable clasp

The adjustable band will accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes.  My small 11-year-old daughter wore the watch on her wrist for a while, and she found it just as comfortable as my 16-year-old son and I did.

Although an inexpensive silicone watch does not require elaborate packaging, I would have liked to see a nicer presentation for the watch when it arrived from Amazon.  Ours came in a plastic zip-top bag without any instructions.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the performance of the watch, just my preference for the initial impression.

Overall, this watch does its job well.  The fYt Watch is an inexpensive silicone watch that is comfortable to wear.  It’s a simple, sporty-looking, effective timepiece for anyone – especially teenage boys who break traditional wristwatches.

Disclosure: I received the fYt Watch at a deep discount to facilitate my honest review.
All opinions are my own.

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