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February lunchbox printables for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

That means it’s time for some new lunchbox printables. These free lunchbox printables for Valentine’s Day are a fun way to add some cheer to lunchtime in February!

lunchbox printables for Valentine's Day

I don’t know about you, but I always find February to be the most dreary month of the year.  The weather where I live is gray and cold.  The excitement of celebrating Christmas and the new year is long gone.

But then there’s Valentine’s Day right in the middle of the month to spice things up.  So it’s fun to make the most of that little holiday and spread some cheer among loved ones.

Add some lunchtime cheer with fun, free lunchbox printables for Valentine’s Day!

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These new lunchbox printables for Valentine’s Day are designed to make the dreary month of February a little more fun for kids at lunchtime.  Like my other lunchbox printables, these are a simple way to encourage kids while they’re at school.

All of my lunchbox printables have nine designs on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.  You just print out the PDF document, cut them out, and pop them into lunchboxes.  They’re small enough to fit easily into lunches, but there’s a little room to write a personal message and/or sign them if you want.

Valentine's Day lunchbox printables thumbnail Open / download free lunchbox printables for Valentine’s Day (PDF file).

If you like these lunchbox printables for Valentine’s Day, visit my free printables collection for more fun resources.

Looking for more parenting ideas?  Check out my Mom Sense board on Pinterest and pin along with me!

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Where we love is home – Free printable adult coloring page

Have you jumped on the adult coloring trend?

I’ve always enjoyed coloring with my kids.  It’s an easy way to create something unique by playing with colors and exercising your imagination to produce your own aesthetic on the picture.

Despite the fact that my kids preferred to scribble over my neatly colored pages, it was always a nice, calming activity for everyone.  It’s a great way for kids to focus and practice those fine motor skills that are involved.

My kids are older now, so we don’t share Winnie the Pooh coloring books anymore.  My 10-year-old daughter and I have moved on to more grown-up coloring pages.

Science agrees that coloring is a good idea since it helps people relax and calm the mind – which is why adults are now coloring in droves.  I recently noticed that many of the best-selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books, so obviously it has really caught on!

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do a little coloring project of my own to add some personalized flair to my home decor.  So I decided to create a free printable adult coloring page that I could share here with you.

I love this quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes:

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

This rings so true!  Home is not just about where we live; it’s about that special place where we love.

This was the perfect sentiment for my Valentine’s Day coloring page!  Well, it’s really a mini coloring page since I wanted something that wouldn’t be too time consuming to complete.

Some of those adult coloring book pages are incredibly intricate and take a big commitment to get them done!  You won’t have to worry about that with this printable version.  I made it as a small print so it’s easy to complete even while managing a busy schedule.

Where we love is home - free printable adult coloring page for Valentine's Day

This mini coloring page printable is sized for a 5X7 frame to display at home.  It’s also perfect for a homemade card.  It’s in a PDF format with trim lines around the 5X7 design.

Click the image below to download your free printable adult coloring page in PDF format.

Where we love is home - free printable adult coloring page in PDF

Click to download in PDF

I hope you enjoy this fun, free printable adult coloring page!  Here’s my printable – all colored and framed for Valentine’s Day.

Where we love is home - free printable adult coloring page

I decided on a Valentine’s Day color scheme for mine, but my daughter went with a variety of colors.  I like her colorful version even better!

Where we love is home - printable coloring page for Valentine's Day

The quote makes this printable great for Valentine’s Day and beyond.  I think I’ll leave mine on display until it’s time for my St. Patrick’s Day Irish toast printable!

What’s your favorite way to color – colored pencils, gel pens? My daughter and I colored these with no-smear gel pens that I like for bright colors. Click here to check out my gel pen review.

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Getting an early start on Christmas + special Shutterfly offers

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OK, I know it’s still early, but have you started thinking about Christmas yet?

With both gifts and greeting cards, I plan to start early each year.  But the season always seems to sneak up on me fast!

This year, I really am getting an early start.  Don’t tell my kids, but I already have some Christmas presents stashed away.  I’m feeling good about this proactive approach!

Now I have to pick greeting cards, so I’ve been perusing the selection at Shutterfly. They have a large selection of card designs – and even some photo gifts that are especially perfect for grandparents!

Best of all, you can find special Shutterfly offers and Tiny Prints savings right now.  It’s a great time to get an early start on Christmas and save!  {The rest of this post contains affiliate links to direct you right to the special savings at Shutterfly and Tiny Prints.}

  • At Shutterfly, new customers enjoy one free set of address labels or $10 off an order of $10+ – just use promo code 10OFF10 at checkout.  This offer is valid 10/15/15-10/18/15.
  • At Tiny Prints, save 25% off – use the code AFF25OFFTP at checkout.  This offer is valid through 10/31/15.

With the wide variety of greeting cards available, it’s fun to select the perfect card!

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble deciding, because Shutterfly makes it easy to try before you buy.  Just use promo code CARD4U to get a free card and try out any style you want!

While you’re there, you can sign up and enjoy 50 Free Prints from Shutterfly.

Are you getting an early start on Christmas gifts and cards this year?

This post contains affiliate links, which help support this site.
Please see my full disclosure statement for more information.