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Simple DIY autumn sign: Happy fall y’all!

Happy fall y’all!

Isn’t it fun decorating for the seasons?  Now that it’s officially fall, I’ve been pulling out my autumn decor.  While I was shopping at Kirkland’s recently, I saw some cute fall plaques.  They were reasonably priced, but I decided it would be a fun project to make my own DIY autumn sign.Happy fall y'all - DIY autumn sign - AMerryMom.com

For this simple DIY autumn sign, I used a 1-inch by 3-inch by 4-foot piece of select pine from Lowe’s.  It was just $3.82, and I used only 18 inches of the wood, so I have more than half left for another project.  The soft pine wood was the perfect base for this sign because I could trace the outline of the letters onto the wood.

I used Microsoft Word to select the font for my sign.  I used High Tower Text, bolded and italicized, in 150-point font size.  After I printed out the words on my printer, I positioned the sentiment on the board and traced around the letters with a pen to mark through onto the wood.  I later found that the paint obscured the letters I had traced, so I realized the lettering should be saved until after painting the wood.Happy fall y'all - DIY autumn sign - AMerryMom.com

After all the words were traced onto the board, I cut the end off at the right size.  I left a two-inch margin on the board before and after the words.  The board I purchased was very smooth.  The ends just needed a light sanding before painting.

I rummaged through my craft paints for the right shade.  I picked Deco Art Americana Napa Red acrylic paint (affiliate link).  It’s a nice, rich, autumn red.

Since the paint obscured the letters I had already traced onto the wood, I went through that step again to mark my letters.  I went around a couple of times on each letter with a heavy hand to make sure the outline was visible on the painted wood.

Happy fall y'all - DIY autumn sign - AMerryMom.com

The letters traced easily onto the pine wood, but I had to do this step again after painting, since the paint obscured these markings on the wood.

I used a Martha Stewart gold metallic marker for the words.  I actually have had this marker for a while, so I was happy to find that it still worked.  From what I can tell, those markers are now discontinued, but Amazon has Pilot metallic markers (affiliate link) that should work just as well on wood over paint.

My metallic marker did a good job allowing me to carefully trace and fill in the letters on my sign.  It covered very well over the dark red paint.

I love the metallic accent of the gold on the red sign.  And since I’m a southern girl, I also love the cheery sentiment!Happy fall y'all - DIY autumn sign - AMerryMom.com

This simple DIY autumn sign is a fun addition to my fireplace mantle, with the harvest banner I made last year!

Wishing you a fantastic fall!

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