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DIY painted vases in stripes and polka dots - amerrymom.com

Add flair to flower arrangements with DIY painted vases

Flower arrangements always add a lovely touch to a room. I love to decorate with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, like the roses I received recently.

To make sure I always have a vase handy for flowers, I stocked up with a few simple, inexpensive glass vases from a dollar store.  Although the flowers are the focus, I decided to paint the vases to add to the beauty of my flower arrangements.

These DIY painted vases are a fun way to display beautiful flowers!

DIY painted vases from amerrymom.comThe best part is that they are so simple to make!

Polka-dot vase

For one vase, I added silver sparkle in a polka-dot pattern.  The effect is easy to create with some circular yard-sale price stickers that remove easily.  I attached the stickers in a random pattern around the vase, then used two layers of silver craft paint.  DIY painted polka dot vase - in progress - amerrymom.comThe first layer was a metallic silver acrylic paint (Plaid Folk Art) that I applied with a paint sponge.  I tried using a paint brush first, but it left brush marks on the glass so I switched.  The sponge left a pattern as well; I decided it looked better than the brush marks.

The second layer was a silver glitter paint (Deco Art Glamour Dust) for some extra bling.  I removed the stickers before the paint dried so they wouldn’t pull off the paint.

It turned out lovely!DIY polka dot vase - amerrymom.com

Striped vase

For the second vase, I decided to try spray painting.  I attached blue painter’s tape in a vertical pattern, then sprayed with Krylon gold metallic paint in a few light layers.

DIY spray painted stiped vase in process - amerrymom.comI removed the tape before the paint dried so it wouldn’t pull off the paint.

Through this process, I realized I’m not super steady with the spray paint.   The stripes on my finished vase weren’t as perfect as I would have liked, but it still turned out nice!

Peonies in DIY striped painted vase - amerrymom.comThese vases are perfect to display the peonies from my flower garden that I brought inside to enjoy!

DIY painted vases are also a great way to add a thoughtful touch to a gift bouquet for any occasion.  At this time of the year, a hand-painted vase makes a nice hostess gift or teacher gift.  Starting with a dollar store vase, it’s a low cost project with big impact!

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Make a lovely upcycled vase from an empty bottle

After making Chicken Caesar Sandwiches, I have empty glass salad dressing bottles that are the perfect size for a small vase.  I generally recycle the bottles, but this time I decided to upcycle and turn it into something new.Make an upcycled vase from an empty bottleI used the empty, clean bottle to make one of the wrapped vases that I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest.  This project was easy and fun – and turned out so cute!

Before - upcycling a bottle into a vase

Before – turn twine and an empty bottle into a vase.

Making an upcycled vase is so simple.  It takes just a few materials:  the bottle, some twine or yarn, and glue.

My upcycled vase was free since I used twine that I already had on hand, along with regular school glue to attach it.  You probably have all these items on hand as well.  Don’t you love it when you get lovely things for free?!

Before getting started, I wondered if regular glue would hold the twine, or if I would have to break out the hot glue gun.  When I peeled off the dressing label, its leftover adhesive helped hold the twine in place as I wrapped it around the bottle.  No hot glue gun was necessary – the school glue did the job.

The twine wrapping went quickly until I got to the bottle neck.  It didn’t stay in place as easily on around the curve of the bottle, but it smoothed out as I added more layers and pushed the twine down.

At the top I glued down the cut end of the twine and held it in place until it adhered.  For the final touch, I added a simple ribbon bow, then found some flowers for display.

I love how my little upcycled vase craft project turned out!  Now I need to finish off some additional bottles to make more!

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