Days of thanks: Celebrating the past and present

Thanksgiving week brings a lot of excitement to our home each year.  We all look forward to the wonderful meal and time with family.  Then Friday is our official kickoff of the Christmas season.  In our family, we don’t start Christmas until we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving.  And the kids are definitely ready to start on Christmas!

This year we have the added joy of attending a wedding this weekend.  We have so many wonderful things to enjoy this week.

Each year Thanksgiving and the Christmas season also bring back many happy memories of past celebrations.  I’m so thankful for both our present blessings and our past joys.

There are people who aren’t with us anymore, and they are greatly missed.  But I’m thankful for the time we had together and the great memories we have of them.  We’ll remember them and recall happy times together.  Those memories are a special part of each holiday season.

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